About My Services

My many services will aid your navigation and assist you in your legal challenges. These include: 

White Collar Fraud  *  Post-Conviction Relief  *  Background Investigations

Worker's Compensation  *  Murder/Death Penalty  *  Discrimination

Civil Compromises  *  Insurance Fraud  *  Sex Abuse

Personal Injury  *  Civil Rights  *  Elder Abuse

Professional Investigation Services

I will continue until full disclosure has been revealed.

Shirley Ann Beers


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My Strategy


White Collar Fraud, Post-Conviction Relief, Background Investigations, Worker's Compensation, Murder/Death Penalty, Discrimination, Civil Compromises, Insurance Fraud, Sex Abuse, Personal Injury, Civil Rights and Elder Abuse.


Witness location, interviewing, report writing, background investigations, analytical skills, review of voluminous materials, research and accounting.